Post Acne Scars

Leave post-acne scars behind

Inflammatory acne lesions can result in permanent scars, the severity of which may depend on delays in treating acne patients. Genetic factors and the capacity to respond to trauma are the main factors influencing scar formation.

In recent years, radiofrequency technology has been introduced to treat a variety of skin conditions, particularly skin tightening and laxity. This nonsurgical technology induces tissue tightening and contour changes through dermal collagen remodeling without disruption of the overlying epidermis. As such, radio frequency-based systems have been used successfully for non-ablative skin tightening procedures.

Formatk’s unique technological approach combines Smart ST and R-SONIC technologies into an advanced treatment protocol that yields much better results.

SMART ST applicator: Using Pulsed Bipolar Radio frequency with double cooled electrodes to treat deep wrinkles and stretch marks, the SMART-ST applicator obtains short-term shrinking and long-lasting tightening effects.

R-Sonic applicator: Using a unique combination of bipolar continuous RF and ultrasonic massage to increase reticular dermis matrix tone, the R-Sonic applicator improves the skin’s appearance and texture, offering a mild wrinkles treatment and stimulates blood perfusion and transepidermal active ingredients delivery.

Following the treatment, patients can go back to their daily activity immediately.

• R-Sonic applicator is not available in the USA.


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